martes, 24 de septiembre de 2013


I'm working on a game! I'm working on the backgrounds, more specifically. Here's the first four.

It's going to be a mistery adventure game; I'll let you know as soon as the demo is out!

And as a bonus, this unrelated forest landscape I did for fun and never got around to posting:

domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013


I played a great game called OFF, by indie developer Mortis Ghost, and I loved it! The design specially was really interesting, and I had to make this...

lunes, 15 de abril de 2013

A Little Lamb's Big Adventures

This book came out just a few days ago from Nation9! I worked on it all summer, so I'm really glad to see it finally published. It's for sale on Amazon here! I did all the illustrations, the animations, and the lettering. Here are a few samples of the art:

Also, here's couple of illustrations I did recently. The Hansel and Gretel one was a gift for my niece, to use as a notebook cover. The other one I just did for fun. I really enjoyed trying out this style, I should use it more often!

Speed portraits

Here's a few speed paintings I did for class, from photo reference. About an hour each.

martes, 29 de enero de 2013

Global Game Jam 2013: Tole tole

Last weekend I participated in this year's Global Game Jam. It was a great experience, and a lot of fun! Our group's game was Tole tole, and I did sprites and the menu illustration for it. I'm really looking forward to doing this again next year!