lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2015

Some fanart

I've been playing through the Dragon Age series, and I wanted to make a short Flash animation of a character I like a lot! Aveline is just great.

Here's also some old pieces of fanart I never posted here, of Steven Universe and Sense8, two really good TV shows:

...and this isn't a fanart of anything. It's just pretty.

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

Character designs!

I've been working with a group of people on a TV series pitch this year! I've been doing character designs and storyboards/beatboards, so I decided to post a few of them:

lunes, 23 de marzo de 2015

Global Game Jam 2015

On january this year I went to my third Global Game Jam. Like every year before, I had a lot of fun, barely slept, and ate way too much fast food, and more importantly, made a game! Our team's game is called Let's Split Up, and I did part of the character animation, as well as some animation cleanup. Here's a few gifs of the punching and running animations I did:

All my animations were done in Photoshop because Flash refused to open. :(