domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011


Here's the animatic for the short I'm working on for college. I have less than two months to finish this! Eek!

I did this animatic about a year ago for a class, but never got around to actually making the short and completely forgot about it. Then this year, I was struggling to make a story work for my short, I was running out of time, and...aha! I met my teacher from that class again, and he asked if I had ever finished the film. I told him I hadn't, he said that I really should, and, yeah, idea.

Not only is this story much better than the one I was trying to use (...not that the story itself was bad. It was just really hard to fit into a one-minute film) but I saved myself the trouble of actually having to make a new animatic. Not to mention that I want to see this finished, now! :)

It doesn't have a title yet, though. I'm terrible with titles...

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